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Newark Summer Youth Employment Program

Stories from the Pandemic

In the summer of 2020, Newest Americans partnered with the City of Newark’s Summer Youth Employment Program to mentor 34 high school interns. This program grew out of a Newest Americans blog called Stories from the Pandemic which mobilized youth correspondents to document their experience of quarantine. Over the course of six weeks, the interns documented their lives as they were disrupted by a global pandemic. These are their stories.

Quarantine Routine • Aury De La Cruz

Greater than the Pain • Zaire Adams

Limited Movements • Damien Asamoah

Once Upon A Time • Sean Alexander

Quarantine Regrets • Joslin Mitoguena

Unexpected Turns • Michael Manning

The Year 2020 Will Go Down In History • Jaci Coleman

Re-defining Isolation • Yahiira Hicks

Once the Rise Comes to a Halt • Nuweira Ahmed

Times during Life (as of now) • Massad Strand

We’re All Going Through Changes • Amanda Brodie

An Unexpected Senior Year • Natavia Williams

Empty Streets • Steven Johnson

Dear COVID-19 • Kaothara Morakinyo

Ode to My Vision Board and Craft • Elijah May Desrosiers

Quarantine Is Worse Than You Think • D’Anna Andrews

Quarantine Comforts • Sammy Baez

A Chance to Grow • Almesha Duhart

When Will Coronavirus Leave? • Ibrahim Tchontchoko

The Beast Outside • Princella Akuaku

You Are Enough • MyAsia McNeil

Quarantine vs. Quarantine • Jada Paige

Ode to the Old Days • Tosin Adebayo

Breaking the Bubble • Obinna Nwaokoro

Life Because of Quarantine • Orlando Purnell