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When will Coronavirus leave?

My life is not like before I am not happy about coronavirus every day I am home I make exercise. I am learning. Sometimes I’m watching TV. I pray to god, I ask God, give me good health. I thank God, you protect me until today you are only god. I am so sad about coronavirus. Sometimes I don’t want to go out. I cover my hand and nose. I am not as comfortable as before and also I can’t go to my friends either. Because of coronavirus, many things are blocked this year it makes me weird. Sometimes I ask myself what is going on this year. I thought that this year would be a wonderful year. It didn’t become like that. My life looks plain right now because I am bored. I don’t feel well about coronavirus. It makes me think every single day. Sometimes I think about coronavirus. I ask myself when coronavirus will leave. I dance to forget the worries. I am missing my friends and my teacher. I am missing freedom. I don’t go anywhere about coronavirus. I am not like before and then I am missing so many things in my life. I am not going out. I am home to protect myself from learning lessons. Sometimes I help my mother in the kitchen to cook. When I want to go out I’m scared. I am still practicing hobbies. I like to play soccer and basketball and also I like to read, I like running. My favorite play is soccer. I don’t feel well. I am not happy about that because the problem of coronavirus makes many people think there are a lot of people right now. They are not happy about coronavirus. But we pray that it’s gonna leave. Coronavirus has killed so many people in the world, which makes me sorry. But I know that everything will be fine.