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An Unexpected Senior Year

Although my senior year was not ideal, I decided to decorate my cap with words that will inspire me to keep pushing forward.

As a student, you yearn for the last day of school. The last day of school is when you say ‘see you next fall’ and ‘have a good summer’ to your friends, but for the class of 2020 we did not have that experience. On our last day of school, we were oblivious to the fact that we were never going to step back into those school doors. We were clueless to the matter that the senior privileges we waited patiently to receive, would be taken away from us by a pandemic.

I went into my senior year optimistically. Gone were the days where I stressed about school. As an incoming senior, I was confident in myself, I finally found a balance between my school and personal life. I was certain that my senior year was going to be a breeze, and for the first half of the year, it was. My grades were fantastic, I finally had time to join clubs, do community service, and overall flourish in school spirit. Things were looking up for me. In February I was accepted into my dream college and I was looking forward to prom and graduation, but midway through march, we went into quarantine.

With prom being cancelled due to the pandemic, for some class of 2020 students, the only formal ball we can reminisce about are our 8th grade socials’.
The class of 2020 and I have worked very hard for over 10 years, here are just a few of the awards I have won throughout my academic career.

The first week we went into quarantine, I was confident that school would start up soon, but a week turned into months, and here I am now. I just graduated high school and now I am going into college, and it does not feel like it. In the months that passed, prom was cancelled, graduation was virtual, and we are still facing this pandemic. In addition to my senior year being destroyed, I have to start my freshman year of college without a proper orientation and campus dorming.

On the bright side, the quarantine has helped me think about the state of the world. This quarantine gave me time to strengthen my values and educate myself. I have also come to the realization that the class of 2020 is strong, we are our future. Although this pandemic may seem like the end of the world, we fought through it and we graduated. Our senior year of high school may have been ruined and our freshman of college probably will not be perfect, but we will work through it.