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Quarantine Regrets

Being quarantined in a house for three or four months is so boring that I just feel like nothing else to do. Schools, restaurants, rec centers, etc. all have been closed because of this dreadful pandemic.

The one thing that bugged me the most was that I had to wake up every morning just to do classes online. I hated doing assignments virtually everyday and it’s very frustrating. Most of the time I would slack off whenever I’m completing work or when I’m in a WebEx or Zoom meeting with teachers and students.

Before quarantine I wanted to tryout to be a lifeguard at the John F. Kennedy Recreation Center. I was supposed to compete in a swimming competition at YMCA of Montclair. That same week, I had to do my road test after practicing for six months. In May I would’ve completed in the Special Olympics track and field.

I wish this whole thing never existed but we have to deal with it. This quarantine thing is making me reminisce about the times when I was at school hanging out with friends, going to the after school program, having conversations with teachers and social workers and doing classwork at school.

The sad thing about it is that people have been tested positive and later died from the virus. The doctors around the around the world have been trying to cure patients and they’ve worked countless hours just doing it.

Hopefully COVID-19 can end very soon so our lives can be back to normal because I’m really sick of this.