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Life Because of Quarantine

Mother doing work

Coronavirus a.k.a COVID-19 has had a whole lot of impact on the lives of people everywhere, forcing most of us inside our homes, ruining our everyday lives and all around just causing chaos. Thus I’ll tell you my point of view and my experience with the pandemic and the quarantine. I attend Newark Tech and this pandemic ruined my volleyball season and the assemblies my school was going to have but my school did adapt to becoming virtual pretty quickly. I have to admit my school also used the Zoom app so I’ve sort of got an idea of how to use it. Overall I’m upset that this pandemic ruined the last few months of my school year simply because of how excited I was for volleyball.

Let’s talk about how my daily life was affected by this pandemic and quarantine. If I’m being completely honest my home life hasn’t changed that much except how I sleep more in the day. My usual home routine consists of me waking up around six in morning, taking care of my hygiene, checking if anything needs to be done around the house and then playing my game. Well I guess I noticed that I play my game throughout the day more than usual. I’m quarantined with three other people than myself. Those people are my mother, my sister, and my nephew. This pandemic and quarantine has affected them more than me. My mother had two jobs before the pandemic and now she only has one. My sister also had two jobs before the pandemic but again after she lost one. Also since she works for the army she had to be there for a couple weeks to make sure everything was ok. For my nephew from what I’ve noticed this pandemic/quarantine has made his life a lot better. Even though he’s only 6 he got a Nintendo Switch, he plays more and he sleeps more.

Newark Tech

Since this quarantine started restaurants, movie theaters, beaches, etc has shut down. Now everything has kinda opened back up slowly but surely. I noticed that less people are getting the virus and more people are recovering from the virus in New Jersey. My friends and I usually go to the movies or go play pool but we can’t do that yet. In the span of this quarantine I’ve been out of the house about three times and in those three times I was out the overall atmosphere felt normal but everyone just has to wear a mask for safety. My name is Orland Purnell Jr, I am sixteen years old and this is my life because of quarantine.