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Times During Life (As of Now)

In times like these, I wish I could go outside again and feel the hot sun, strong winds, the skies, beautiful nature. My name is Massad, I am a student at Science Park, I am a rising junior. During these times, the school has been much more of a pain than before. Waking up early in the morning to get to these meetings, having to do multiple projects, deadlines on the wrong date, it messes me up. The pandemic has ruined my daydreams of traveling to eastern, cherry-blossom-filled destinations.

In my experience quarantine has naturally impacted the outcome of my current life. My hair has been more wild than usual, growing uneven in unreachable places. I have been playing my games more since it is much more fun to do than schoolwork. I can usually be found listening to music or writing poems. The possibility of summer plans has been canceled, not much is going on in my life but since quarantine, it has been more interesting. However, it caused me in the beginning not to go outside for a couple of months due to my not having a mask. Still, I have found things that have kept me busy, gaming, talking to my brother, or afternoon naps.

Sometimes, I feel happy about staying indoors so I can basically do everything like other summer breaks. In this case, I would write a poem about how my life is during the pandemic, the emotions it has brought up of joy, sorrow, and tiredness. I am learning to cope with the reality of not being able to do the things I want to normally.