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Re-defining Isolation

This is my first friend’s hair I dyed. His original hair color was dark brown and he wanted me to dye it purple in the back and blue in the front. I was excited to dye it but knew it would not be easy seeing this was my first time and he wanted me to dye it two different colors. Spoiler alert, it did not come out how he wanted.

 Imagine being stuck on an island by yourself with nothing to do. You have all these hours and days going to complete waste. Just another boring day one after the other. Being in this quiet house is starting to feel very much like how I would think being stuck on an island by yourself would feel.  Not being able to get off the island is just like not being able to leave the house whenever I want. It feels isolated. That’s exactly what quarantine feels like. Being in this routine of doing the same things time after time can get really boring and may I add quite annoying. It feels like one long day on loop constantly repeating. So naturally, I would want to do something more different, interesting, and to learn new skills.

I’ve also started to look for new shows and movies to watch. Personally, I have picked up watching anime, which I have never done before, but since I’ve been home all day, I decided to give it a try after my brother constantly suggested that I give it a try. I’ve always seen anime as a nerdy thing to watch for boys. Which kind of makes me feel embarrassed about watching at first, but now I’ve been watching none stop to the point where I don’t even care what people think. Anime kind of helped me distract myself from the madness going on with the coronavirus spreading so fast. Also, from the upsetting thoughts of us not being able to leave home. It also just made it less boring at home. It distracted me from the thoughts of isolation. It’s like if you’re on an island, you would have to distract yourself from being alone and start building a home or learning how to hunt. Expanding your skills and learning more about yourself. 

This is my layout for me when I watch my anime. This is one of my favorite anime. I enjoy these very interesting yet funny shows in my bed. The volume is turned up and the temperature is cool.

I’ve noticed many people learning new hobbies and creating new things like branching out into cooking, art, improving their singing or dancing, etc. Some are even changing up their looks by dying their hair or piercing their nose. So when my friend wanted to dye their hair, I instantly offered my help. I thought it would be good to learn how to dye hair for the future and fun. This was my chance to learn something new. My two friends let me dye their hair, which I never did before, and was excited to try. It made me realize that one day I might want to dye my hair a new color.

 “It distracted me from the thoughts of isolation. It’s like if you’re on an island you would have to distract yourself from being alone and maybe start to build a home or learn how to hunt. Expanding your skills and learning more about yourself.” 

Looking outside is not the same as it used to be. People of all ages would be out enjoying the day right about now, but the streets have become deserted since quarantine. It’s more gloomy and depressing. It looks isolated as well

But I also tried to stay away from talking to too many people, to focus more on me.That way I can avoid the drama I’ve been seeing alot lately. I’ve seen some fights started because of drama online. I don’t see the point to why people would even start drama with so much happening in the world. They need to look at the bigger picture of what’s going on and let go of their petty little grudges. Instead of fighting, people should just stick to doing DIY’s and create something new and beautiful. With all that’s happening nationwide, it would be good and fun to come out of quarantine with new skills, a new look or even an advancement in their education. I’ve been reading and writing to keep my brain juices flowing. You could also come out of quarantine with more knowledge about yourself. I’ve seen more people on this app called “TikTok” and i enjoyed the app as well. TikTok has become addictive to be on. It’s a fun and creative way of sharing your skills and ideas. It’s also a way to express yourself. Some do it by singing, dancing, art or even comedy.

Quarantine has definitely made it harder for people to not learn new skills or hobbies. That’s a great and wonderful thing. When finding new skills and hobbies, you learn more about yourself. You learn what you like and don’t like. What you’re able to do and what you can’t. Or changing up your look to fit your personality more than before. Being isolated from others can help you find out who you are without judgement from others.  Some change their look up more than others, and unlike me I didn’t want to walk out of quarantine with terrible dyed hair or an infected nose ring.