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We’re All Going Through Changes

 I miss being able to go outside without worrying about a virus. Being in the house is the only time I don’t have to wear a face mask and constantly sanitize.

My name is Amanda Brodie. I’m 16 and live in the city of Newark. Due to the virus COVID-19, my life has changed tremendously. People are required to wear a face mask when entering stores. Without face masks, you aren’t allowed to enter stores. 

The pandemic prevents families from seeing each other as often as they want to. Social distancing is expected from everyone. Even my family members that are my own blood social distance themselves from me. Especially my elder family members since they fear the virus the most being that they’re more prone to catching it. COVID-19 has also affected me by preventing me from being able to see my friends: It makes me feel aggravated that I’m not able to see friends and some of my family members. 

Being in quarantine makes me feel upset. When upset I tend to lay in bed and listen to music alone. I reminisce what life used to be like before the pandemic.

I’m quarantined with six people. This consists of my four siblings and my mom. I have one brother and three sisters. My siblings are starting to argue constantly and are fed up with each other. We tend to argue about simple stuff such as someone eating someone else’s food or whose turn it is to have the TV remote. My mom usually resolves the problems for us. Quarantine hasn’t been easy for them and yet neither for me. We’ve been around each other for so long that we’re getting easily aggravated with each other at this point. There have been moments where I get into arguments with my siblings. Even with my youngest sister as well. I sometimes feel overwhelmed with all of the constant arguments in the house. 

“Some people don’t wear masks and it makes me wonder if they care about their safety. “

In my city, there’s a certain occupant limit in stores. Meaning there’s only a certain amount of people who can be in the store at once. The prices of antibacterial products have increased drastically. Nearly all stores have social distancing stickers on the floor to remind customers to keep their distance to avoid spreading the virus. I worry about catching the virus while around people. Some people don’t wear masks, and it makes me wonder if they care about their safety. 

Schools had been shut down for the rest of the school year. Summer school couldn’t be in person this year due to the virus, so there is now a virtual summer school. I hope schools will eventually open up again, though. I don’t want to have to go through a virtual school year.