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Empty Streets

This picture shows my now empty backyard. Usually there are plenty of bike riders out but now it’s so empty you can hear your echo talk back to you.

This covid has changed everything to where the normal doesn’t seem so normal anymore. When you’re outside, it looks when you see people, masks have become normal. Although keeping distance has been a natural instinct before covid 19, it seems people want even more distance between them and a stranger. Covid 19 got so bad my school had to operate over google classroom. In school, classes were spread out with free periods on some days to make it easier to deal with work. Sometimes you had a class on Tuesday that you didn’t have on Thursday. However, that wasn’t the case soon after covid quarantine started. It was the most hectic and clustered experience ever. All classes started operating at the same time. Meaning classes I usually had on Tuesday, I’d have almost every day, and that applies to every class. There was no schedule for class, only for zoom. Some classes held meetings, while others just gave you work and called it a day. The school became this big clutter monster that only got worse by the day. This is just school life. Life at home became difficult and weird. There was a time where my house was constantly filled with noises from my backyard. Music playing, kids laughing, bike tires screeching across the pavement. It was normal to have a party in my room from the music coming outside my window. However, that sound would soon be a big missing factor in my life. Now my backyard has never felt so quiet. Everything is silent. There is no sound of kids yelling and playing. There’s no sound of bikes all around. There’s nothing but a low buzzing noise coming from the huge heaters everyone used to sit on. Homelife feels as though I have moved into the deep woods where the wind is the loudest thing there. Home is where I’m used to feeling like myself. In school, I never really spoke to people. I stayed to myself and only spoke when spoken to. I chose to be alone and avoid the drama of school. The Covid chaos just made the home feel worse than school. I would wake up and sleepily join my zoom meeting for school, wishing I could just fall back asleep. It became a time-consuming cycle of wake up, work, eats, sleeps.

“The school became this big clutter monster that only got worse by the day.”

Me being quarantined with my parents, my two sisters, and my niece, it’s pretty interesting. At first, we would all play and talk but now it seems to stay in our rooms has become the new routine. This covid affects us a lot since we are a traveling family. We love road trips and finding new hangout places, now we are all stuck in the house.  My town of Newark, New Jersey has made it so that masks are mandatory when outside. Some stores won’t allow you to shop if you don’t have masks and gloves. Some stores won’t even let you inside without the proper mask and gloves. Things have changed for the worse, Daily life now consists of waking up, eating, and watching tv. There are times where I need to go outside however I always have a mask and gloves on. As Well as hand sanitizers. The streets seem so much safer now that no one is outside, but at the same time, there’s always this feeling that you’re not walking alone. That despite how empty the sidewalk looks, there is someone with you.

These are pictures of the sidewalks leading up to my house. Everything is quiet. Everything is empty. When i was walking home from my sister’s house it was so quiet that it felt like a horror movie. The sounds of birds chirping and the inconsistent rumble of cars driving down the road gives you an uneasy feeling as you walk. The streets have never felt so eerily quiet.