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Quarantine is Worse Than You Think

Imagine this: you’re going about your day like it was any other.

You might be coming home from school or work and after a hard day all you want to do is rest. All seems right with the world, then suddenly without warning you hear a report on the news saying how there is a new virus going on in China. You’re probably thinking “It’s all the way in China so there’s no way it can be a problem in the United States,”but months later, it happens. Schools are shut down, businesses are closed, and about 650,000 people have lost their jobs. It’s funny how fast these things can happen. One moment you could be going about your day then suddenly the whole country just shuts down.

These past few months have been hard on the people of Newark. So many individuals have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus and its putting thousands of people in despair. Many people including myself are feeling the effects of the virus first hand, whether it may be stress or feeling upset because they can’t see their friends. My experience with the quarantine has been no better. Being at home for most hours of the day kinda makes you regret not going outside more, or to your favorite places. Before this whole thing happened I would enjoy going to the mall with my family. However the place I especially miss going to is the amusement park.

When this quarantine first came into play I thought it was the best thing that had ever happened. There would be no more stress, no more annoying teachers ordering me around, no more tests I had to study for, and best of all no more obnoxious students yelling in class. However one month later I had realized that wasn’t the case, because truth be told, virtual school was just as hard as regular school.The difference between virtual school and normal school is that although there were no more teachers yelling at you, there was still the stress of getting all of your work turned in on time. What made it even worse was that I couldn’t really focus because of the fact that I was at home. When you have the benefit of being home all day you want to take advantage of it as much as possible with the things you want to do, instead of using it to do work. To me home was a place of relaxing and recharging. I honestly wanted to go back to school because working from home is taking its toll for me and everyone else. However what made virtual school so hard was the many distractions home has to offer, like family members for example.

In conclusion, the coronavirus has disrupted the lives of many people in the city of Newark. Fortunately nothing lasts forever, however I think it will be a long time before we have our normal lives again. But the thing I really look forward to happening is that we can all see our family members once this whole crisis blows over.