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Quarantine Routine

Me trying to get all the negative feelings out during quarantine by painting  my brother’s favorite image. When I paint I feel relaxed and less stressed towards my school life.

My life in quarantine is very tiring, boring and it can be a lot of headaches. When this Covid-19 started everyone had to be in quarantine to not get the sickness. This caused problems all around the globe. One of these problems was the school. I had to do the work from home, of course I had to do it while living in quarantine. It was challenging because I had to work long hours in front of  the computer. Also I did not have anyone to help me. Sometimes living in quarantine involves a lot of situations at home. One is dealing with online school work and trying to pass the grade without failing or repeating the school year. 

Being in quarantine hasn’t affected my relationship with friends and family because I have my family near me at all times and my friends as well. Of course this is possible by communicating with them by video chatting or calling them on the phone. However being in quarantine has changed daily life. Like my daily life it was basically supposed to be to wake up, get ready, go to school and come straight back home to end the day, but now it is different. During Covid-19 I’ll wake up, do work and go back to bed without ever leaving the house.

 Right now some of my family and friends are dealing with the same thing as I am, following the same daily life as I am, because they are also stuck in the house. Of course some of my friends and family might not do the same thing as I do because they might get bored in the house. So in addition they might go outside to have a little bit of fun. Also sometimes families have gone out to buy supplies. Now that the whole world is in quarantine it is harder to buy supplies. 

Right now I’m quarantined with my family, which are my dad, mom, brother, grandmother and of course including me. Being quarantined with them is fun, even though I spend all the time with them. Like for example my family and I did a lot of things to begin quarantine. We played a lot of games and we also made masks. We had parties even though they said that we have to be six feet away or have to wear a mask. We even celebrated my brother’s middle school graduation. We are not letting the quarantine or Covid-19 ruin our lives. However things have changed in Newark, NJ ever since the virus started. I have to wear a mask and gloves, need to stay six feet away from people, and to be careful. What I learn is to be careful now because the virus can kill anyone who doesn’t protect themself. Also I can still have a normal life even if it means being in this new life. I just have to be safe in order not to get the virus.