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Quarantine Comforts

I got these shoes at the beginning of this month, July, when I went to the mall with my sister. They were the first pair of shoes that caught my eye when we entered the store and I enjoy wearing them because they have a lot of pastel colors. During middle school the only color I wore was black, so I’m trying to make my wardrobe more colorful.

My favorite possession so far during this pandemic is my new Vans. They are my favorite because they’re really colorful and colors bring happiness to me. I think it’s all the pastel color that makes me feel at peace and joyful at the same time. 

I also like to read so during this pandemic I’ve been reading a lot more, which I’m proud of. I read for a few hours a day and due to that, I have become a better and faster reader. I do hope that I can go book shopping soon because I have a list of books that I want to get and I’ve just finished the newest book that I have. The two latest books that I’ve finished are A Totally Awkward Love Story and After We Collided. I have been wanting to get the next book in the After series, which is called After We Fell. I usually read romance books, but I am trying to branch out and read books from different genres. I haven’t really been able to go book shopping because of the virus and due to my mother’s injury, a fractured ankle, she can’t put too much pressure on her foot so she is unable to take me to the store.

What I have lost during this pandemic are friends, activeness, and my ability to go to bed at the right time. Losing friends during this pandemic didn’t really affect me as much as I thought it would, but one thing that has been affecting me is my sleep schedule. I now go to bed at like five in the morning and wake up in the afternoon. I believe this has caused me to become lazier because every day feels the same, like I’m in a loop. Now I want to go out almost every day which I never wanted to do before this pandemic started. I usually want to go to the bookstore, arts and craft store, or the mall just to walk around and have fun. I’m really happy that malls are opened up because now I can just go and walk around for fun without buying anything. I usually like to stay out for at least two or three hours so that I can hopefully be fine with staying in the house for the next few days.

I was really happy when I had gotten them because my room was a bit dull so I thought that getting the LED lights would make my room a more comfortable place. From being in my room so much since I’m home all the time due to the virus, I realized that my room needed some more light. I’ve noticed that I have been happier now that I have my lights because I can change the colors whenever I want and I don’t just have a plain white light. (Don’t mind the hole in the wall, there was a shelf there, but it fell while I was sleeping).