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Environmental Justice in the Ironbound

Multimedia Approaches

The Ironbound neighborhood of Newark, N.J., contains the largest Superfund site in the country, the biggest garbage incinerator in the state, and over 100 brownfields, which are sites with known toxic contaminants. Home to roughly 50,000 people, Ironbound residents are predominantly African American and immigrants from Portugal, Brazil and Central America. In partnership with the Ironbound Community Corporation (ICC), students from Rutgers University-Newark researched the environmental, health and social challenges facing the Ironbound to produce a series of multimedia stories. The images, text, audio and video they created reveal the history of industrialization and share the experience of people living in the neighborhood. Together, they paint a portrait of environmental justice and community resistance.

The Ironbound Fights Back

Ronson Metals: Unhappy Homes

Covanta: Ironbound’s Unwanted Neighbor

The Truth Stinks

Diamond Alkali: The Forgotten Tomb of the Ironbound

An Invisible Hazard