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Ferry Barber Shop

A barbershop is a place where many believe the object and subject is all about hair. While the focus is all about cutting, shaving, or trimming, a barbershop is so much more than all of that.

Historically, barbershops were not just hair caretakers, but also practiced surgery and dentistry. The barbershop's red, blue and white pole references doctor's work: the red represents arterial blood, the blue represents venous blood, and the white represents the bandage. Although these practices at the barbershop were ultimately prohibited, the pole shows that a barbershop was so much bigger than “hair!” A barbershop is a community outlet for many to come together and enjoy each other company.

The Ferry Barber Shop was started in 1978 by Manuel Amorim. Having loyal customers in a barbershop he previously worked in, Manuel was able to build up his clientele. Since then the Ferry Barber Shop has been a success and is the oldest barbershop on Ferry Street. Passed down to his son Joe Amorim, the Ferry Barber Shop grew from the foundation of serving customers as friends and family. Because the shop is situated in one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the city, the shop serves a wide variety of customers. The barbershop has faced many challenges but it continues to make man look and feel good.