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Since we published the first issue less than a year ago, over 250 students at Rutgers University-Newark have been exploring our emerging majority minority country through Newest Americans projects. In partnership with photojournalists and filmmakers from VII Photo and social documentary production company Talking Eyes Media, students and faculty working in multiple academic and artistic disciplines—Journalism, American Studies, English, Graphic Design, Book Arts, Photography, Theater, History— have been documenting the local stories that have something to tell us about our national demographic future.

We are excited that the work we have been producing is finding an audience. Several Newest Americans short films have been selected for the Garden State and Black Maria film festivals and picked up for print and/or digital publication by National Geographic, The Atlantic and PDN Storytellers. Art and digital media created in collaboration with The Glassbook Project was exhibited at Newark’s Gateway Gallery. Working with the other members of the Humanities Action Laboratory, we helped design and create States of Incarceration: A National Dialogue on Local Histories—a touring national exhibit on mass incarceration that recently debuted at The New School before traveling to over 20 sites around the country. In February, Newest Americans helped launch the Krueger-Scott African American Oral History archive and website in conjunction with the opening of We Found Our Way: Newark Portraits From The Great Migration, an exhibit at the Newark Public Library. Newest Americans films and other digital media inspired by the Krueger-Scott interviews were featured in the exhibit.

Several Newest Americans films are slated for the upcoming Montclair Film Festival, along with panel discussions with some of the films’ subjects, including Newark Mayor Ras Baraka. Tickets are available here.

Our digital magazine is a portal into the project and a platform to disseminate some of the work we are most excited about. The third issue both breaks new ground and tills familiar soil. Flashes features our first work of short fiction, by MFA Writing candidate Shaleena Koruth, with photographs by Ed Kashi, and the story of one of the desi gas station attendants who inspired Flashes. Hijabi World offers video and memoir in response to interviews conducted by undergraduates Dina Sayedahmed and Hamna Saleem with Jersey girls who wear the hijab. The Ironbound’s Immigrant Ministry focuses on Pastor Moacir Weirich and the Newark community he serves, as observed through the lens of Maciek Nabrdalik’s photographs and the words of Cynthia Mellon. The issue also returns to several continuing features, including the third episode of the web series American Sueño, and the latest installments of the graphic novel Face of a City, blog posts from Maid in the USA, and the audio essays of From Where I Stand.

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Words: Tim Raphael

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Hijabi World

What wearing the hijab means for Muslim Jersey girls.

Words: Hamna Saleem, Dina Sayedahmed
Visuals: Ed Kashi, Julie Winokur


The Ironbound’s Immigrant Ministry

“In an immigrant community, people are afraid to speak up. That’s when I put on my collar and be there.”



For people who straddle two worlds, sometimes illumination comes in flashes.


American Sueño: Here & Not

In the third installment of this series, Marisol's father has an encounter with the law that could threaten his status.


From Where I Stand

The second installment of an audio essay series by journalism students in response to the prompt, “From Where I Stand . . .”


Face of a City

The second installment of a graphic novel exploring Newark through the eyes of an Asian-American student who arrives in the city to attend college.


Maid in the USA

A continuing series about the domestic labor that makes all other work possible.


What is

We are a multimedia collaboratory of journalists, media-makers, artists, faculty and students telling the stories that radiate from the most diverse university in the nation. Based in Newark, NJ, a city shaped by migration, our project affords a glimpse into the world of the newest Americans and a vision of our demographic future.

Newest Americans is produced by the Center for Migration and the Global City, and faculty in the Department of Arts, Culture and Media at Rutgers University Newark in partnership with VII Photo and Talking Eyes Media. We have a large body of contributors and co-conspirators who are credited in the masthead and at the end of each story.

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