Newest Americans is produced by the Center for Migration and the Global City, and faculty in the Department of Arts, Culture and Media at Rutgers University Newark in partnership with VII Photo and Talking Eyes Media. We have a large body of contributors and co-conspirators who are credited individually within each story.

The Team

  • Tim Raphael


  • Julie Winokur

    Media Director

  • Ed Kashi

    Director of Visuals

  • Rachel Dennis

    Associate Media Director

  • Stephanie Khoury

    Associate Producer

  • Mary Ann Koruth

    Project Manager for Digital Humanities

  • Kristina Micu

    Program Coordinator

  • Samantha Boardman

    Project Manager: Research and Community Partnerships

  • Sahar Hosseinibalajadeh

    Project Manager: Urban Landscape Research

  • Marie-Jeanne Ndimbira

    Graduate Fellow

  • Lauren O’Brien

    Graduate Research Fellow

  • Brenda Bingham

    Social Media Coordinator

  • Shana Russell

    Core Contributor

  • Hamna Saleem

    Research Fellow

  • Robin Fisher

    Journalism Faculty

  • David Bergeland

    Multimedia Faculty

  • Mark Di Ionno

    Journalism Faculty

  • Nick Kline

    Book Arts Faculty

  • Chantal Fischzang

    Creative Director

  • Ashley Gilberston

    Core Contributor

  • Ron Haviv

    Core Contributor

  • Nyier Abdou

    Core Contributor

  • Alex W. Yoe

    Core Contributor

  • Addie Mahmassani

    Research Fellow

  • Tiffany Hale

    Logo/Branding Development

  • Mariam Badie

    Logo/Branding Development

  • Eric Ng

    Logo/Branding Development

  • morel

    Website Design