From Where I Stand

Visuals: David Bergeland
Words & Sound: Rhesa Mae Bernal, Aiden Jackson, Erin Jerome


Audio essays by students in Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Robin Fisher’s narrative journalism class. Photo portraits by David Bergeland. 

Rhesa Mae Bernal

Rhesa Mae Bernal


Aiden Jackson

Aiden Jackson





Rhesa Mae Bernal is an Asian-American and a Journalism major. She is the first in her family to go to college in America. She can’t wait to graduate and make a name for herself so she can thank all the journalism professors who have changed her life.

Aiden Jackson was born in Livingston and raised in Newark. Aiden is an athlete who played varsity soccer and basketball in high school and soccer at Rutgers-Newark. 

Erin Jerome is a senior studying journalism at Rutgers-Newark. She is a lover of the arts and hopes to one day be read nationwide.

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We are a multimedia collaboratory of journalists, media-makers, artists, faculty and students telling the stories that radiate from the most diverse university in the nation. Based in Newark, NJ, a city shaped by migration, our project affords a glimpse into the world of the newest Americans and a vision of our demographic future.

Newest Americans is produced by the Center for Migration and the Global City, and faculty in the Department of Arts, Culture and Media at Rutgers University Newark in partnership with VII Photo and Talking Eyes Media. We have a large body of contributors and co-conspirators who are credited in the masthead and at the end of each story.

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